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The Wisdom of Soulmates


Satisfy your craving for romance, love and marriage by using time-tested Biblical principles directed towards finding your soulmate and realizing why you have one.

This powerfully anointed DVD Message Series imparts the revelation distilled in the book, giving personal testimony and additional real life examples.

This Music Album is inspired by the trials, predicaments, and joys that lovers face.


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The Wisdom of Soulmates series lays out the blueprint for finding one's soulmate. If you are a single, you have got to hear this series and learn why time is of the essence in finding one's mate. One must properly plan for the future by knowing the correct steps to obtain a godly mate even before the need for one arises. By realizing God's concern, in fact, God's willingness to bring our helpmeet to us even before we realize our aloneness is immediately conveyed in Genesis, the book of beginnings. Couples, even the married, would do well to hear this series and learn how to maximize the tensile strength of their relationship as a divine threefold cord.  

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