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Community Impact

Doing the Work of an Evangelist

Making his divine calling and election sure, Terver Myadze functions as an itinerant minister to the needs of the Body of Christ and as an evangelist to the lost.

To invite this Minister to speak at your ministry or conference, please mail or email a letter of invitation.


Please include the following information:

* Name of Ministry

* Name of Bishop, Pastor, or Conference Host

* Details about the meeting - location, purpose, and scope

* Specific dates (when possible)

* Contact Information


You are sincerely appreciated in the body of Christ and we look forward to serving you! 



Building a Community of Prayer

Sincerely believing that prayer is vital to transforming the local community and that churches are to be houses devoted to prayer, Minister Terver Myadze has devoted himself to organizing a community of believers towards the effort of prayer.


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